Star Wars: Supply Lines

Episode II

"Showdown at Sunset"

With the existence of a Trade Federation Droid Army on Alsaavo, the band of Jedi are quickly discovering that they may have been assigned to fix a situation far worse than they expected.  With no knowledge of where the attacks are coming from, the search for Acco Bacche is beginning to run dry.

Upon arriving at the Aresto Mining College, they find the campus engulfed in flames, several key members of faculty missing, and no sign of the Duros for which they are looking. Desperate for any lead, they call in their favors with the de facto leader of the Republic Forces in Carzack's absence, Acting General Beedo.  All ships, even the grain haulers are halted again, and all cargo and passenger lists are forfeit.  Bacche is among those trying to escape the world, and footage is captured of him fleeing into the air in a stolen speeder, zooming out toward the north.  With no evidence besides the Force guiding them, the Jedi mount the hunt.

Star Wars: Supply Lines

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