Star Wars: Supply Lines

Dron Cah, RIP

Is there any hope?

I come here to mourn Dron Cah, not to praise him.

It seems that, our heroes, found themselves on a desperate mission, used as pawns by the Jedi Temple to reduce Koreel's secret cloning facility to ash and cinders.

The Jedi-way is less complex than many think, after all.  They assign the quality "evil" to their enemies.  They hunt them down.  They slay them.  It is a battle of definitions as old as time itself, and the obvious one-sidedness cannot be disputed.  The Jedi, by the tenuous thread of a definition, keep themselves high in the galactic saddle, ensuring that there is always a place for them in the lands of opulance and power.

The supposed secret cloning facility was located in the far reaches of space, beyond the Maw, and Hutt Space; in an unnamed and unmentioned planet, barely managing it's own existence in a tidal war with itself and its two suns.  Four of every five days spent bathed in radiation that would destroy a lesser planet.  The Republic wanted no part of this place, so I took it upon myself to utilize it.

Now, of course, they send their goons to destroy me.  Jedi Dron Cah, who I know well by now, and presumably his friends, Zklang Tselim, Knight, The Pale Horse, and a wookie that I have not been introduced to properly.  There may be more; they have an annoying habit of picking up friends.

From Coruscant, they slithered, quietly on the heels of my resupply ships.  I knew someone was here that didn't belong not long into the day, but the contact was…fleeting.  I dismissed it for a time, but only so many rats can sneak through your air vents.

Today, however, is a new day.  Dron's friends are trapped in my basement, and Dron himself.  Well.  He lies unconscious in front of me, and the curiosity to discovery how he works with a laser scapel is nearly unbearable.  We shall see soon.  Rest in peace, dear Dron.  Your masters have failed you, but as a Jedi you cannot blame them.

—-excerpt from the journal of Koreel IV. 


I am Salworr, a Jedi Knight, and I am ready.

I have played the game of stealth and secrecy long enough. Dron…

A lesser man would be angry. Leaving on his own to scout out where his own Padawan, a Zabrak girl who’s name I can barely pronounce (much less remember), would have fared better. A lesser man might feel rage at being left to expend massive amounts of time and energy protecting those that cannot protect themselves. A lesser man might have fear, for soon hundreds of foes will be calling for my, and my companions’ blood. But I am a Jedi, I have no fear, no anger…there is only peace, there is only the Force.

My enemy is the assembled masses of the Koreel clones. The Jedi council has declared them enemies, this instillation a target, and information my secondary objective. They are strong, awoken with the abilities and power of fully trained Jedi and they outnumber us dozens to one.

It’s a good thing I’m here.

I do not doubt the combat potential of those I protect, for doubt can lead to fear-to the dark side. Zklang has a plan and is more than capable, but I cannot rely on him. The Mon Calamari too has some talent, and some guns, but I cannot rely on him. The girl, barely able to wield a blaster, much less a lightsaber… I must protect them all.

My lightsabers feel warm in my hands, the force flows strongly in me. Let me be the conduit of its combat prowess, let me channel it to save Dron, to save my companions, to fulfill my mission.

I am a Wookiee. I am a Jedi. I am calm, at peace, and ready for battle.

May the Force be with me.

- The thoughts of Salworr as he prepares to go into the Battlemind trance -

Dron Cah, RIP

Some people may look at his current situation and feel that Dron must have made the wrong decision. Well, they’d probably be right. Hindsight is always clearer, after all. He couldn’t send his new padawan on such a dangerous mission in good conscience, though. It didn’t matter that she was more capable of navigating the air ducts; had she been caught… Well, she’d probably be in this very situation. Nevertheless, Dron had just had this girl assigned to him, literally right before the mission, and he wasn’t yet comfortable sending her off alone so far from his or another jedi’s protection. Of course, Salworr was far too large for the ducts and the others would be unable to disguise their Force presences. This left the task of sneaking through the air ducts to Dron. Certainly not his strong suit, which would be forever apparent, after this episode… So yes, some people may say Dron had made the wrong decision, but despite his predicament he had done as his duty demanded. Some people may also think being shot by blaster set to stun is a blessing that keeps one from being killed. Those that say that have obviously never been hit by a stun bolt. It hurts. A lot. This however, was the least of Dron’s worries as he fell into unconsciousness (and down the air vent). Being stunned meant when he finally awoke, it would surely be under the watchful eyes and chains of the Koreel clones. If he ever woke up…

Dron Cah, RIP

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