Star Wars: Supply Lines

Log Entry, 13.8.25

Here they come.

Well.  The month I've spent on this rock is finally coming to fruition.  I thought that they would be on their way a bit sooner than this, but that's the Jedi for you.  Always out to make a nuisance of themselves if they can, by marching to the beat of their own drum.  They don't exactly endear themselves to me, I guess, but then again, I am here, waiting on them.  Well.  We'll see what they think when I see them.  I mean, it's been years.  Who knows, things could be completely different.

All in all, though, I doubt it.  I just can't see them able to change anymore.  The Jedi Order, if it keeps this up, is going to stagnate and wither, and there's not a thing they can do about it.  At least they're on the side of democracy in this whole crazy thing, but I've got to say; there are good people on both sides of this thing.  Thankfully, they're not going to be fighting each other…that's for the clones and the 'droids.

All said, it's enough to make me not worry too much about Palpatine's Emergency Powers Act 2.  Three months have gone by, and we're not all slaves, yet.  I hope they really do kill that bill when this war is over.

Then again, if the CIS just finished killing 800 million people on Coruscant, there's no way we can have any mercy on those people.  I mean, maybe the generals are just doing their job, but Dooku?  Nute Gunray?  I won't shed a tear when they get what they deserve.

Anyway, today's been pretty quiet.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.



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