Star Wars: Supply Lines

In Ruins


So, today, I quit my job.
It's not that I didn't like it.  It's not that my coworkers were underperforming. The problem is that they're just…well, they just don't seem to understand how the universe works. It's chaotic.  It's random.  All we've got is a…well, just a sliver of a chance of getting everything right, and, they're more interested in why you did it, than in what you've accomplished.
These people.  Man.  I just…I just have no words for them.  I work, risk my life time and time again, and it doesn't matter.
The worst part?  It's a military job.  I recently took down an illegal operation I can't talk too much about in the harshest environment I've ever set foot in.  There were bad guys everywhere, and we had some substantial casualties, but by the time we got back?  Nothing from the bosses.  Not even a good job.  Doing this work for most organizations would put me in a great position to expand my career, and here, I get a two-and-a-half-by-three room, and food.
I thought it might get better.  We went on this latest mission.  Big bad finally down.  Stolen property dealt with.  No serious casualties.  Not a perfect mission, but damn close.
Nothing.  Not a thing.  Not even a paycheck.  Just a room that doesn't break four meters on the diagonal, and berth-space for a fighter that I'm not sure I even want anymore.  I'm tired.  I'm sick.  I'm done.
Zklang Tselim communiqué to Asthalalsha Tselim.


I have to admit that after the last several months of tracking down and killing Koreel 4, 2, 1, and a dozen or more other clones I do not feel as think I should. Perhaps uneasy is the strongest word I will use. Since cloning technology is illegal, and as adept as Koreel was at using the technology I would still have to say that he could not have developed the technology himself. That means someone supplied him with said technology. Though the Council mentioned searching for these individuals the masters did so in passing…just as well, I’m not too good at waiting for information. Also, Koreel had mentioned a Holocron that he and Dron had fought over, I wonder what was on that holocron.

I nearly died during this last mission. In part because Koreel, Koreel Prime anyway, was very powerful, but also because something was wrong that I have only now discovered after some time spent meditating. My style is powerful, meant for strength and offense, but there are gaps in my style. Something besides my insistence on wielding two weapons is creating extra opportunities for my enemies to strike. This is intolerable. If I have to get every single padawan and trainee on Coruscant and train with them all at once I will do so, but I will remove these weaknesses. The scars are healing well, by the way, and the fur on the wounds is starting to come in nicely. Despite the long hours and days spent in Bacta my wounds suffered during the fight with Koreel Prime were pretty bad. I overheard a padawan say that I looked something like a burnt carpet…I ignored it.

Dron became a Master Jedi, doesn’t surprise me really. He is after all, only human. He’s powerful, alright, and a good enough Jedi, though it’s not really my place to say. Humans, even Jedi, don’t live very long, but still to be that young and be a Master…NMFP. I’ve also received notice that I am to be assigned a Padawan. I do understand, and appreciate, the Master/Apprentice relationship philosophy, as well as being the product of such a relationship, but I hope the Council knows what they are getting themselves into. I am, after all, known for my aggression and propensity for combat, not my diplomacy. I can be patient…really, I can be.

Zklang left. Part of me understands, part of me doesn’t. The Council was less than congratulatory or rewarding upon our return from the hunt for Koreel, I understand that the Council must have much on their minds if the removal of a key threat roused very little within them. Zklang’s position was unfortunate. I didn’t get to know the man as well as I would have liked, I spent my downtime training the padawans and he spent his making money. For me, having my physical needs met by my fellows in the Order means my life can be spent dedicating myself to the Force. Zklang is from a different world, perhaps a world more like reality than the one I enjoy, but our lives serve different purposes. I suppose that I will miss him. He was after all the person most like me, despite him not being a Jedi.

Journal of Jedi Kight Salworr

In Ruins

OOC…Dron is on the path to being a Jedi Master, but, despite having his first level of the Jedi Master Prestige class, he is not a Master. No one is a master before obtaining a character level of 13…and further, any Jedi Character can be declared a Jedi Master at that level. Imagine that a Jedi Master Prestige Class, in this case, is a class structured to produce characters in line with MOST of the masters we see in the films and in writing. That said, no all masters will follow this template. For example, an easy argument can be made for Qui-Gon Jinn being a Jedi Master without levels in this prestige class.

So, be careful of usage of the term—-Salwarr and Dron are, effectively, almost equally master-like, with the sole exception of the fact that Cah has an apprentice.

In Ruins

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