Star Wars: Supply Lines

In Times of Trouble, Do What You Know.

Upheaval is the name of the universe, sometimes. When you’ve fought dark Jedi, robots, foul plots and become frozen in a cryogenic sleep amid a protypical superweapon, your perception of what is normal and what isn’t can become somewhat flawed.

Our heroes, awakened by a blathering archaeologist (or outlaw, or opportunist, depending on that ‘certain point of view’ a friend was always talking about) found themselves in a confounding new galaxy, controlled by a new Sith Empire, split into three major factions. Even the Jedi of this era seem different, with some swearing allegiance to the deposed Emperor, and some to the order founded by Skywalker.

Finding themselves in a hasty alliance with agents of the Imperial Remnant, fighting the Sith Empire for control of a Mid-Rim tradeworld of some importance. More importantly, they quickly found themselves pawns, used and discarded to capture the planet when they expected to be merely deposing the Sith appointees.

Without a strong feeling on behalf of the Imperial Remnant, then, our heroes find themselves adrift in Independent Space, separated along the Outer Rim. Dron, keeping a low profile, maintains his hermitage on the remote planet of Corvis Minor.

Sal has returned to his home sector, but finds Kashyyk blockaded, and keeps a low profile, biding his time.

Zklang and Aryse have taken to smuggling, albeit State-sponsored; they fled to the Galactic Alliance, and frequently ferry intelligence assets in contested space, keeping one step ahead of the Sith.

Finally, the younger Jedi have set off on a mission, at their master’s suggestion, to locate the remnants of the Skywalker Order, to do all the good they can do for the war-torn galaxy, which seems to have a great shortage of competent individuals willing to stand for the oppressed.

Of Knight, there is no solid news. Rumors have passed of an ancient warship crewed by a red-haired wild man and his company of insane droids, though for one, Zklang marks this up to the expected level of dramatic bravado Knight has always been well known for.



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