Star Wars: Supply Lines


Well…Koreel I is dead.  Hmm…

Makes it seems like the campaign should be over, right?

Well. Not quite.  We're on a bit of a hiatus at the moment to play The Ghost Highway...but, there's just a little bit more, as you'll see.

Want hints? Well, here's one:

A soldiered token

Rectifies nest whit

Cloaking zen stun…


Well…maybe that's a few clues.  Gvie it a try, you might come up with something.


While I will not tell anyone that they are correct until the full answers have been divulged, Drew has pointed out in PMs that the letters of Dron, Koreel, and Zklang appear in these last lines. Note that Dron and Koreel depend on the same ‘r’.

As a further hint, things are structured such that each line is complete; while all work together as one hint, each line is independent.

Pay attention to such things in the future…it may not be the last time you see it ;)


Well, in case anybody forgot from last night, the clues have been decoded as: “Koreel is not dead With scientists free Zklang continues” Hope you all are having a good weekend!


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