Star Wars: Supply Lines

Log Entry, 13.9.3

Well.  We've been fighting droids on and off for some time now, and I'm beginning to think that joining up again with the Jedi might not have been for the best.  For one, the Wookiee and Dron have some kind of pissing competition going on, and I'm not sure that it really even matters what they're doing when it flares up the worst.  For another, Aryse and I haven't had much time together lately.  I'm a bit worried about her, since she's been exposed to so much violence, but honestly, I keep her as safe as she'd be on just about any smuggling mission, and she's not much of a person for being cooped up unnecessarily.

I don't think things are going wrong, though, with any of it.  With any luck, the Jedi won't have much to say against my help, and for once, I'll be where I belong in this crazy universe.  All I need to do is catch this Acco Bacche fellow, and we're in business.  Past experience predicts that we'll rope him in, get him to take us to his employer, offer them the chance to surrender, and then blow them up on account of them refusing to surrender.

It sure is simpler than things with Aryse, though I certainly wouldn't say better.

Should be coming in soon with some of our leads. 



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