Zklang Tselim

Human Male Soldier


Zklang is a pilot from Umgul, raised by a family of Ugnaughts on a blob farm to pursue the family business of thoroughbred breeding. That plan ultimately fell though, and while his time on Umgul was illustrative, he chose not to stay there, but to instead pursue his own future. Through some serendipity, he found himself working with The Republic, and The Jedi Order, during the unpleasantness that was the Naboo Blockade, and then the Clone Wars. Despite some disagreements about his role as special envoy on behalf of the Order, he served dutifully, and used his abilities as often as possible for the betterment of Republic citizens. Eventually, he met and fell for a Faleen named Aryse Cha’do, a political refugee of her home planet.

It was not long before he once again became embroiled with the Order, however, and found himself fighting alongside his former compatriots on the planet of Alsaavo, trying to stop a prototypical superweapon from turning a terraformed agricultural planet into a self-perpetuating frozen wasteland.

The heroes partially succeeded, at some price to themselves; they went into cryogenic sleep, sure that the Order would find them soon.

Unfortunately, the Order, busy with new developments, declared them dead, and their sleep lasted for almost 1 and a half centuries.

Now, Zklang works as part of a covert organization, ferrying assets to and from contested territories for the Galactic Alliance, alongside Aryse.

Zklang Tselim

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