Dron Cah

Dron Cah is a Jedi Knight in the Old Republic/Rise of the Empire era.


Height: 1.8m

Weight: 78kg

Short brown hair

Blue eyes

Usually wears standard white tunic and trousers underneath Jedi robes.


Dron, like most Jedi in this time, has been training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant since he was very young. In his early teenage years he was apprenticed to Master Serek Verice. At the age of 18 (the beginning of the Koreel campaign), Dron started to be assigned missions without his master, and kept only tangential contact. After retrieving the lost holocron from Koreel, and returning to Coruscant with the stolen Hapan cruiser, Dron achieved the rank of Jedi Knight, being knighted by Master Mace Windu via holocomm, aboard the Pale Rider. Over the course of the campaign, Dron has been maturing, much as most teenagers do. He has slowly learned that many problems can be solved with quick words and a Force nudge, rather than a lightsaber. Dron is currently making efforts to master the third form of lightsaber combat, known as Soresu. This is unique (to my knowledge) because he dual wields lightsabers in this defensive form. He will often use this form to analyze a situation behind an almost impregnable defense, attempting to defuse situations without violence, when possible.

Dron and Harkir have spent much of the last seven years in the Hapes Cluster, both for diplomatic and training purposes. Harkir has become proficient with Dron’s preferred lightsaber form, Soresu, as well as the more aggressive Djem So. The Master and apprentice pair spent many days in the wilderness of the Hapan forests, practicing both combat techniques and long terms of meditation. It would not be out of the ordinary for Dron to leave Harkir meditating in the forest for several days, forcing her to protect herself from predators and then resume her meditation. Their work as ambassadors has been hit-or-miss in the intrigue-filled government of the Hapans. Foiling a few assassination attempts on Queen Mother Teneniel Djo has ingratiated them both to some extent, but not to the point of being able to convince the matriarch to join the Republic proper. Throughout her training Dron has been trying to help Harkir expand her talents. The lack of diversity in his own abilities had been made dangerously apparent far too many times. So, after she had been knighted Harkir trained with several Republic pilots, to hone her flight skills. She also spent a significant amount of time training under Jedi Investigators, learning how to properly analyze crime scenes and track potential enemies. Dron’s relationship with the Wookie Jedi Knight, Salworr has been recently strained. With the help of his newly knighted apprentice, Ataturk, Salworr was able to track a group of pirates to Hapes. Upon speaking with some of the aristocracy to get permission to search for the scientist in their jurisdiction, Salworr caused a diplomatic debacle when he refused to pay their “search tax” and called them “diseased and honor-less gorryl-slime.” While Dron agreed with his peer’s estimation of those particular Hapans, (though he wasn’t sure what a gorryl was), this incident would cause him many head-aches thereafter, including trying to convince the Queen-mother that other Jedi would not be coming into her system to insult more of her nobles. This kind of rash action was what made Dron thankful he had not been assigned on another mission with the Wookie. After all, he remembered what happened on Daloth…

Dron Cah

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