Salworr "Sal"

From the darkness a dark haired, grey eyed Wookiee stands before you, lightsabers lit and ready for combat.



STR: 18(+4) *DEX: 14(+2) *CON: 14(+2) *INT: 12(+1) *WIS: 11 *CHA: 10


Vitality: 84

Wound: 19

Force Pool: 62

Heals at: +18 vitality per hour

Base Attack: +8\+3

Defense: 18

Melee Attack Bonus: +12/+7

Force Points*

Light: 21

Dark: 1


56 years ago a Jedi Master searching the trees of Kashyyyk for a place to train, happened across a small village. There he discovered a black haired youth with grey eyes, a mark of force sensitivity among this clan of Wookiee. Sensing a modest degree of potential the boy was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Spending the next several decades first as a Padawan then as a Jedi Knight, Salworr made his mark in three areas. His primary role in the Jedi order is that of a bodyguard, his immense size and combat style make for an admittedly poor diplomat, so he is sent on missions to guard those that request the services of the Jedi and has never failed to protect his charge. Second, Salworr’s master passed along two things, his lightsaber style, and his construction techniques (Salworr has been known to make impressive lightsabers). Third, Salworr tends to spend as much of his free time as possible training the initiates and padawans in huge sparing groups much to the dismay of the Jedi Masters.

60 years of life experience, nearly 30 of those spent as a Jedi Knight (all but 4 years spent training as a Jedi), Salworr has come to understand his place in the universe. Diplomacy is a wonderful tool, one that his giant physique and language are not well suited for. He does not seek out combat, situations more often than not degrade to the degree that Salworr is thrust into combat, a roll he is particularly well suited for. Modest force powers are put to use freeing up limbs and room for close, lightsaber combat to ensue. Working towards mastering his master’s Djem So style Salworr tends to throw everything he has at removing threats as quickly as possible using Djem So’s precise attack focus by dual wielding standard lightsabers, before taking the time to heal himself by tapping into the the willing force.

Salworr is comfortable with his somewhat aggressive style as the force has permitted, nay, encouraged combat on at least one occasion.

Salworr "Sal"

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