Herein, we have a list of game policies.  While not rules specific to game mechanics (and not things listed in the rulebook), they are rules that are generally accepted for this particular game.

1) All actions will fit, as well as possible, into the Expanded Universe Canon.  This basically means that to as much extent as is possible, our characters will be playing within the confines of the Star Wars Galaxy as portrayed in the movies and books.  This primarily means that metagaming involving movie-or-book events is not to happen.  That said, it is also policy for the Gamemaster to be the primary overseer of this aspect of the roleplay.

2) Roleplaying itself is the primary experience, here.  We're all playing to have fun, and I recognize that all characters play a little differently…but try and stay within your character concept.  If the stats are better by doing something out-of-character, then just ask…we'll all try and help you accomplish your goal in a in-character way.

3) Have fun.  If the Gamemaster is keeping you from doing that, let the Gamemaster know what you want, and the Gamemaster will try and incorporate more of it.

4) Make sure to keep disagreements between characters between characters.  I know, I know, it's almost a non-issue, we are friends, but I did introduce a bit of a rivalry between Drew and Becca and Garth and Harley…so don't sweat it, it's not too bad. I hope that it adds to the fun, but if not, then we may reconcile it.

5) Good faith effort is rewarded.  I, the GM, promise to not kill your characters if you don't do anything especially rash.  That said, remember to use your intelligence and wisdom attributes when deciding what your character would do.


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