A force adept with bright red hair and extremely pale skin, who is at times employed by the Jedi. With no last name, Knight is somewhat mysterious when trying to learn about his past. Largely unconcerned with the affairs of the others, he seems to be more preoccupied with making money and tuning up his nearly unrecognizable YT-1300, the Pale Horse. He may or may not be currently training with the Dark Lady.

Knight was born to a world known as Glocronia. Glocronia is a civilized world of little urban sprawl with much of the world covered in verdant forests. The surface is dotted with swamps, but also has many large fertile plains.

Glocronia is home to approximately 3 billion souls of countless races, species, and religions.

Knight’s profession is an Instructor of escaping various bonds, cells, capture, etc.

Name: Knight weight:80 Kg Height: 1.8m Eye: Red Hair: Crimson Skin: White Gender: Male Age: Mid 20’s Class: Force Adept Species: Human


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